TCU THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE was established in January 2014, and was formally incorporated in January 2020. We are a grassroot and Black-led company that specialise in street-based theatre. We offer high-quality theatre productions, and site-specific experiences to diverse audiences across the Midlands. Our work primarily utilises Theatre, Film and a wide range of training programmes as powerful social tools to create sustainable change in our communities.We create meaningful and impactful community outreach projects that positively represent, support, engage, empower and serve the marginalised communities we come from.


Our approach encourages all partnerships and alliances to work with us with an intersectional lens. Our commitment to funders, investors and partners demonstrates reliability, responsibility and authority. We drive effective and SMART outcomes in all project delivery without losing quality.


Our role in our community is to share art in all its complexity and diversity to audiences. We represent Black artists and amplify the voices and demands of Black communities. We want to empower everyone to help make positive social movement in strengthening the Black Arts industry and economy. We deliver high quality enrichment activities and workshops tailored to meet the needs of our African Caribbean community. We aim to develop and enhance participants through a range of bespoke creative processes.


We are pioneers in the Birmingham’s Arts scene introducing our community to its first Site-Specific events (Street Theatre) to exploring issues from discussed teaching, to the legacy of trauma, to the enjoyments of discovering uncelebrated historical figures, we showcase the power of drama to unpack big ideas in a human and relatable way for cultural transformation.


Our company acts with integrity, adopting values and creating a culture which helps achieve the organisation’s purposes and objectives. We have integrated these ambitions into all our work, behaviours and decision making. As an organisation we follow and have available the relevant safeguarding policies and procedures set out by the Government. We do our best to ensure all projects and events are carried out in a safe environment.


Birmingham 2022 Festival presents ZENDAYA a Play written by TENNEXA FREEMAN and directed by KONEZ. ZENDAYA a Black-performed Pantomime and the first Black-created British Caribbean Pantomime will bring to life the “MONGABAY Tropical Jungle” highly immersive stage experience for young children. A Creative City Project generously funded by Birmingham City Council.

Birmingham-based Playwright and filmmaker Tennexa Freeman talks about her new project RuffNeck, which was commissioned by Slanguages and directed by Konez. RuffNeck was intended to be a play for theatre audiences and was due to be staged in spring 2020. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the team decided to develop RuffNeck as an online animation with an upcoming premiere in August 2022.

CHILDREN OF THE SUN a Play written by TENNEXA FREEMAN dramatizes the untold stories of four slaves during the 18th century documenting their journeys throughout the transatlantic slave trade.



Our fierce Playwrights and Directors present vibrant and exciting productions that encourage, challenge and entertain non theatre-goers. We engage creatively with Black communities and diverse audiences, by bringing theatre into disadvantaged communities, inspiring the arts and altering their perception of what theatre can be.


We aim to create content from a fresh perspective, giving a voice to those who are underrepresented on our screens, and telling stories which reflect and resonate with today’s TV diverse audiences.


We matchmake and support emerging and established artists especially people of colour by delivering events and opportunities to develop new writing, training to access leadership roles, mentorship and network to forge stronger partnerships to build economic advantage within BAME communities.


We pride ourselves as Ecosystem-builders and contributors pushing progress, striving for change and redressing unequal structures and how they operate to elevate our local BAME economy providing grassroot support to people of colour in need. We nurture, train, encourage and inspire Black and diverse youth communities. We aim to develop a new generation of Artists, Creative Entrepreneurs and to be a direct platform into professional employment. As a grassroot and community-driven organisation we aim to be reactive and responsive to the needs of people within our community. We listen to our communities and aim to work in partnership to develop innovative outreach initiatives utilising creative strategies for positive engagement and outcomes. We tackle the challenges faced by marginalised communities/POC (people of colour), at risk groups, young offenders, service users and young people.



The Vault Business Centre, 123 High Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B12 0JU